Role: Sr. Manager of Brand & Design, Sr. Brand Manager, Sr. Design Strategist


Overview: AudioEye is an industry-leading digital accessibility B2B SaaS product. During my time as the Sr. Brand Manager, I oversaw the rebrand of the company, established the design system, redesigned the entire marketing website, launched successful email marketing campaigns that drove an increase in JavaScript installs, and developed a comprehensive content strategy that included gated content.

Logo Refresh

Role: Art Direction

Reduced the number of colors from nine to two colors, modernize the typeface, and simplify the symbol.

Original AudioEye Logo
New AudioEye Logo

Design System

Role: Art Direction, Lead Designer

Redefined color palette, responsive typography styles, button styles, and input fields for the website.

It was a priority to identify color options for text, backgrounds, and UI elements that had contrast ratio that passed WCAG 2.1 AAA.

Primary Palette-guideline.png
Secondary Palette-guideline.png
Secondary Palette Grays-guideline.png
Utility Palette-guideline.png
Font Families-guideline.png

Web Design

Role: Art Direction, Lead Designer

I was the primary contributor to the design of the marketing website. I collaborated with the CEO, CMO, and Sr. Software Engineer to ensure that we were driving lead-gen through our free trial model.

I was responsible for the UX and UI of all landing pages, the lead visual designer for all illustrations, and helped integrate all content changes into the CMS. All illustrations are all custom-made in Figma and content implementation are in a headless CMS called Prismic.


Video Production

Role: Director, Graphic Designer, Script Writer

While collaborating with my favorite video producer, Grant Lemons, I created a multiple brand videos and video ads. I owned the scripts, storyboarding, creation of all illustrations, and helped produce in post-production.

We were able to shoot video content during the COVID-19 pandemic in our Portland location. Through this video shoot we were able to create an introduction video to explain who AudioEye is and what we do, as well as a recruiting video for what it's like to work at AudioEye.

As we grew out of social media strategy and digital marketing through paid ads, we were tasked with creating video ads as well.

Content Production

Role: Content Strategist, Visual Designer

One of my goals while working on the Marketing team was to build out downloadable content such as white papers, ebooks, and guides. We were able to gate that content to generation leads and continue to add value to our prospective customers.

On top of that, we also developed a holistic blog content process from SEO keyword research and copywriting all the way to design and sydination.

Cover - Page 1.png

Design Assets

Role: Art Direction, Visual Designer

While we went through a rebrand, we also evolved our illustration style, iconography set, and explored redesigned UIs for the Portal Dashboard.

AudioEye Portal
Sav's Portal Design Exploration.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 10.06.40 AM.png