I'm Sojin, a brand strategist, illustrator, web designer, researcher, and dog lover in Portland, OR.

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After graduating from The Ohio State University in 2016, I've gone on to do work for creative agencies, contributing to projects for international clients such as Nike, Intel, and FacebookWith a background in UX/UI design, brand messaging, content architecture, digital marketing, qualitative and quantitative research, and all things brand strategy, my designs are thoughtful and purposeful.

I would say that I am a generalist with Type-A tendencies. I find joy in making spreadsheets and presentation decks look beautiful. I love defining purpose and clearly articulating value. I have a huge heart for building team morale and finding unique ways to serve others.

I'm currently the Sr. Brand Manager at AudioEye, a web accessibility SaaS company working to eradicate every barrier to digital access.